Nancy Qvale

Message to Typography Honors Seminar Class Members:

The following paragraphs provide a little background about what I was trying to achieve with this project.

First, take a look at the current page for the department. Notice that there is an index on the left, which is good. However, the text on the right is long. A front page (the first page a user sees when entering a web site) should elicit interest and enthusiasm for the site. This page does not do that. Also, notice that the background image on the left and on the right are different.

When I revised this page I wanted to provide an entrance to the department which sparks interest and makes the user want to see more. One difficulty that I had was the current index includes 16 different locations for users to visit. On my image, I only have six possible places to locate links to other pages. Therefore, I had to really think about who the primary audience for this page is and what would interest them. I also had to modify some of the current pages to compensate for the limited number of links that I could provide on the front page.

The text that appears on the current front page is divided and included on two different pages. The initial brief history and statistics are located on the "About the Department" link from my revised front page. The information about resources is included on the "Services" link.

Disclaimer: Much of the information included on all pages except the new front page is taken "as is" from the current Chemistry site. I did not edit these pages for content. Therefore, as you will see, some of the information is outdated. An example is the Seminars page. Ideally, this page should be updated weekly. Obviously, that is not being done.

I hope that you like my revised front page for the Chemistry Department and that it succeeds in sparking your interest to see what else is in the site.

Please provide feedback. I value your opinion and would like to hear what you think.