Graduate Student Opportunities


Description of Role
Graduate students are the key scientists in our research. As a student you will do much of the equipment building and testing. You are the main scientists to do the data analysis and are often the first scientists to see and understand the results. The experiments we run are large, international experiments. This is broken down into smaller groups of 5-10 scientists who work closely on a problem. Students gain the benefit of being able to work on an identifiable task and also contributing to a greater effort.

Students are supported on a TA till the exams are passed. After that an RA provides full support till you have finished your degree.

What Graduate Life is Like
Hard work!! At the start you will be at ISU for classes. During the first summer you will be at BNL for a few months and when you have finished your exams you will move to BNL for most likely 1-2 years. This is an unrivalled opportunity to learn about the experiment and to become knowledgable and expert. It is likely that you will return to Ames for the last year of data analysis, thesis writing.

Time to get degree
We are striving for 5 years. To do this we plan to have a planning review every 6 months for each student where the advisor and student work out a timeline of where they are now and what needs to be done to finish.

What Our Students do afterwards
Pretty much everything, post-docs at National Labs, positions in industry, teaching at universities and colleges.




You are encouraged to send any of these students email with questions etc.

Would you like to visit, or ask questions, contact Craig Ogilvie

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