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  • Examining Decision Making Processes and Choice under Stress, in a Virtual Reality
  • The Effect of Safety Climate on Safety Decision Making
  • Frequency analysis of hazardous material transportation incidents as a function of distance from origin to incident location
  • Utilization of the Process Tracing Methodology to Directly Assess Student Competency in ‘Customer Focus’
  • The Effect of Severity of Imminent Consequences on Information Acquisition Patterns and on choice in Decision Tasks
  • Risk of Cancer and Decision Making in Construction Employees
  • A Full Bayesian Assessment of the Effect of Highway Bypasses on Crashes and Crash Rate
  • Risk of Secondary Injury Induced by the Implementation of Assistive Technology
  • Patterns and Trends in Injuries due to Chemicals based on OSHA Occupational Injury and Illness Statistics
  • Measurement of Visual Attention and Useful Field of View during Driving Tasks Using a Driving Simulator