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BBMB 490 REU Presentations, Spring 2013

REU students in Basil Nikolau's BBMB 490 class presented a special seminar on Fats and Oils at the Brenton Center on April 22. The presentation project was patterned after the article "Journal club as a supplement to the undergraduate biochemistry laboratory" by Mona Hall and Adele J. Wolfson, Biochem Educ. 2000 Mar 1;28(2):71-73.

You can watch the video here.

Students presented results of their investigations of the literature in three parts, each of which focused on different aspects of the topic Fats and Oils.

Presentation part 1:
What are the biological sources of fats and oils?
What is the variation in the properties of the fats and oil obtained from different sources?
How are these different properties determined by the biochemistry/genetics of the source organism?

Ting Chen
Chris Severn
Chelsea Sholander
Sam Condon
Vone Jeat Kwan

Presentation part 2:
How are fats and oils utilized in societal activities?
How do the different chemical and physical properties of fats and oils determine their utility?

Ray Liu
Sara Pederson
Taylor Edgar
Reid Claussen
Riley Brien

Presentation part 3:
What are the chemical and physical properties of fats and oils?
How are these chemical and physical characteristics determined?

Sherry Qi
Yinan Zhao
Ai Chen
Kelsey Schieltz