These are sites that I have created, either as part of my various jobs, or as freelance work. Enjoy!

Birds and Beasts - This is one of the most enjoyable sites I have worked on! Dave Johnson is a sculptor here in Ames. He has great work! I still have some work to do on this site (new creatures to scan and put online:)

College of Design Computer Labs Resource Site - My current project at my current job as a Systems Support Specialist.

OPPTAG Site - I may try to teach OPPTAG again this summer (had to miss in 2000 due to not enough vacation saved up).

ArtVS308x Class Site - Created for an independent study way back in '99 it is now being used!

ArtVS201x Online Course - Public area of an online course that I designed.

IACT Presentation Site - Presentation on web design given at the IACT conference, Fall 1999.

SCM - Site Creation and Management - Created for a class, Fall 1998. This area has a lot of good information about, you guessed it, site creation and management.

AmesMall - This is a site design that I created, and the client ended up not using it. They used this instead.


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