This site is a collection of information on the fields of 2D and 3D art and design for the WWW. If you want to know more about what I do and why this site exists, visit the Contact section of this site.


You know it has been a long time since updating your web site if you can't really remember what it looks like until you open the page. Wow, it's actually kind of cool looking, in a weird way. Anyway, I may decide to begin working on this site again, update things, remove old, broken or dusty links, track down people, bring things up-to-date. I actually have a lot of MacOS X stuff to share, some scripting stuff, things like that...

New Tutorials & Articles

... will not be forthcoming for another few weeks or so. Busy, busy time here...



Last Modified: Oct. 19, 2004 - exactly a year and a month after the previous update - that has to be a new record...

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