Math 165 - Calculus I 
Section R1
Fall 2011

Instructor: Nattapol Ploymaklam 
Office: Carver 438 
Office Hours: M 11-1, F 11-1, or by appointment 
Email: nattapol at iastate dot edu

Syllabus  Subject to change
Tentative Schedule

Solutions See solutions to homework, exercises, quizzes, and exams here.

(12/19) Answer key for the final exam can be found at the bottom of the solution page. You can now view your grade on Blackboard. Have a good winter break!
Math 165 Final: Wednesday December 14, 4:30PM 6:30 PM at Marston 0207
(11/21) Quiz 12 score and solution has been posted. Have a good break.
(11/14) Quiz 11 score and solution has been posted.
(11/4) Quiz 10 score has been posted. Please log-in to Blackboard to see your score.
(10/31) Solution to homework and quiz 9 has been posted.
(10/22) Solution to quiz 8 (and your score) has been posted.
Homework is due next week on Monday.
(10/16) Solution to quiz 7 has been posted.
(10/10) Solution for the midterm can be found
here. Please double check your score on Blackboard.

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