Based on the people Iíve met since I got here, I can say more than 90% have no clue where or what Malaysia is. So hereís some information about my home country. Hopefully this will bestow some knowledge or entice some of you to take a holiday in Malaysia.


Malaysia is located in South East Asia. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur. The population is about 27.5 million people. Malaysia is a very diverse and multi-cultural country.

The 3 main races in Malaysia are Malays, Chinese and Indian. Because of the many races and religions present in our country, there are plenty of celebrations and festivals that go on each year. The diversity of people also means thereís a great variety of food available. Anyone that wants to experience different kind of Asian food, full of rich and amazing flavor, should definitely visit Malaysia.

Due to our location on the equator, we also experience tropical weather and summer 365 days a year. This is a great place for a warm getaway on brutally cold winters, especially the ones we get here in Iowa. Malaysia also has great beaches on islands such as Langkawi Island, Pangkor Island, Perhentian Island and many more. Here, one can choose to lay back and soak up the sun or have some fun playing water sports.

Langkawi Island