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Water Quality Research Lab (WQRL)

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Professor in Charge
Michelle Soupir, Associate Professor, ABE-ISU

Research Staff
Leigh Ann Long, WQRL Manager

Collaborating Faculty
Matt Helmers, Professor, ABE-ISU
Ramesh Kanwar, Professor, ABE-ISU
Steve Mickelson, Professor & Chair, ABE-ISU
Amy Kaleita, Associate Professor, ABE-ISU

The purpose of ABE’s Water Quality Research Laboratory (WQRL) is to facilitate research on water quality, specifically on investigating the occurrence, fate, transport and control of microbiological or chemical pollutants in natural and engineered environmental systems. WQRL is located in Rooms 4205 and 4207 of Sukup Hall on the Iowa State University campus.

The WQRL has separate spaces dedicated to research on pathogens and pathogen indicators (Room 4205), and nutrients, pesticides and chemicals of emerging environmental concern (Room 4207). The laboratory is equipped with instruments used for routine chemical and microbiological analyses such as balances, pH meters, centrifuges, ovens, waterbaths, incubators, stir plates, membrane filtration devices, environmental shakers and tumblers, autoclaves, biosafety cabinents, and laminar flow hoods. We also have a Bio Rad C1000 Thermal Cycler for PCR and Syngen Ugenius Gel documentation system; an automated ion analyzer with in-line sample preparation for nitrogen, phosphorous, and other anions; and a Varian HPLC with gradient pump, autosampler, and photodiode array detector.

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