-One of my main interests is sports. I love sports, I have been playing basketball and softball since I was 7 and this is actually my first year without doing any kind of sport. I miss it a lot but I love to play in leagues. I also really love to watch football, more NFL than college. My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers it was a bummer they lost to Green Bay this year.††

-I like lots of kinds of music, all the way from country to oldies, or from oldies to hip hop. I am pretty easy when it comes to music. If I had to pick though I would say I listen to country the most.

-Another huge interest of mine would have to be television. I really like to watch movies and television seasons. When it comes to movies I like to go out to the theatre, I see at least two or three movies a month. I am really into comedy, and romantics. I donít really watch cable television I have a lot of my own seasons, my main three shows are the Nanny, Friends, and Will and Grace. I could watch them all day if I had too.

-I love animals. My favorite animal is a dog and my family actually has three Rottweilers and they are definitely a huge part of our family. I love to play with them. If I could I would have another dog. I really want a mastiff or a bulldog.

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