Praxis (joint actions in response) & Dialectic Tensions


*Spiraling Alternation (most common)—alternates over time, taking turns being privileged.


*Segmentation   Tied to specific activity or location; for one topic or activity different theme privileged.


*Integration:  Achieving both poles (seen in some rituals)

         Disqualifying: Exempting certain issues


Denial/Selection:  Obscuring or subverting one side (choosing one side and denying the other)


Disorientation:  Fatalism—inevitable and negative.


Reaffirmation: Acceptance of non-reconciling; positive.


Balance  Compromise by only partially responding to both


Recalibration/Reframing:  Transformation so there is no longer any opposition (changes expression but not underlying contradiction).


Adapted from Baxter, L. A. & Montgomery, B. M. (1997).  Rethinking communication in personal relationships from a dialectical perspective.  In Handbook of Personal Relationships: Theory, Research, and Interventions, 2nd ed., edited by S. Duck (NY:NY, John Wiley): 325-349.