Honors 322L: Theories and Principles of Small Group Communication, Decision Making, and Leadership Illustrated in Movies


Dr. Mark V. Redmond Phone: 294-0183

Office: 204A Hamilton Hall Email: mredmond@iastate.edu

Office Hours: MWF 11-11:50, Homepage:

and by appointment. www.public.iastate.edu/~mredmond

Course Description: This seminar examines theories and principles of small group (team) communication, group decision making , and leadership as they are portrayed in the cinema. The course will involve the screening of six movies during class time that focus on groups and team interactions. Selected readings introduce students to relevant communication theory and concepts that provide a foundation for film analysis and discussion.

Underlying Course Principles:

Reading: There is a minimum amount of reading assigned with this course. The readings provide a foundation by which to analyze the films. The first reading is available through e-reserve at the library. Go to www.iastate.edu, then to the "Library", then "Classes and Tours," then "e-reserve," and then on the left side of the page choose either "by course" or "by instructor" to get to Honors 322L or Redmond, and then click on the reading. You can print out of a copy for your own use.

Papers: You are expected to write a short, one to two page analysis for each of the films. Your analysis should focus on issues of communication , incorporating material from the readings and lecture. You don’t need an introduction or conclusion to these papers, rather simply identify two or three points that you found most enlightening, controversial, or incorrect. Each paper will be graded as satisfactory or unsatisfactory. You need to have five satisfactory papers to receive a satisfactory grade in the course. Each paper is due during the next immediate class period after viewing the film.

Tentative Class Calendar:

Jan. 16—Course overview. Discussion of small group communication concepts and theories.

Jan. 23—"Twelve Angry Men" Read e-reserve reading on small group communication. "

Jan. 30—"Breakfast Club" .

Feb. 6—"Dream Team"

Feb. 13—"Lifeboat"

Feb. 20—"Flight of the Phoenix"

Feb. 27—"Apollo 13" or "Twelve Angry Men"

Mar. 6—Course reflection. Summary discussion.