Mahdi Ramezani
Mahdi Ramezani

Mahdi Ramezani is currently a graduate student in Iowa State University. He is pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Chemical Engineering under supervision of professor Michael G. Olsen.

About Me

Mahdi Ramezani Diversity

I enjoy working in diverse group on multidisciplinary projects. During my current PhD program, I am involved with projects regarding fluidized bed multiphase flows, Taylor-Couette vortex reactors, and biorenewables development. I have worked with colleagues from different nationalities, cultures, and beliefs, both men and women.

I am currently in charge of different laboratories in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and BioRenewables Laboratories. As part of my work, I am mentoring new graduate student that join our group and also I supervise undergraduates that help us with working in our labs. Beyond the professional work, I have leadership experience in different student organizations, namely, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (MEGSO), Iranian Students' and Scholars' Association (ISSA), and Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS).

Mahdi Ramezani Leadership

Apart from work, I experienced mentoring freshman engineering students for a year which was a different leadership experience. Getting young student interested and motivated about engineering and graduate school and research without having some authority or incentive as a given was a new and exciting part of this work. Also I lead groups of friends for outdoor activities. The fun with hiking is that there is always something unpredicted in nature that needs to be dealt with. It requires both the skills for planning ahead of the time and decision making in situ.

I have a background about engines, specifically Diesel engines, regarding performance and combustion modelling. I have been involved with research about turbomachinery as well. I have done several experimental projects dealing with fluid flow and heat transfer for years. Through my current position, I am learning about imaging techniques, lasers, and some chemical engineering design.

I studied in Allameh Helli high school in Tehran and was part of a team designing a robot for a "golf contest" which was way different from what is known as the golf sport. I got my BSc in ME focusing on power systems and my project there involved experimental investigation of free and forced convection heat transfer. I did my MSc in the University of Tehran developing an empirical combustion code for Diesel spray under supervision of Prof. V. Esfahanian.