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Problems Faced by International Nurses in USA

International nurses come to the United States to work for several different reasons: because they are offered better salaries compared to the ones the can get in their countries for the same position; because of the opportunity to keep studying and get certificated in one of the nurse areas of specialization offered in most hospitals in the US; and because of the unique chance, for most of them, to live in a foreign country and develop professionally. However, there are problems that international nurses face when they start working here, and most of the time international nurses are not aware of these problems. 

One of the problems faced by international nurses who come to work in the United States regardless of their language proficiency is the cultural behavior. This means the expected way in which nurses should perform their jobs, that includes the way nurses talk to and treat patients.  In a conversation with an American nurse she considered and highlighted the importance of pragmatic and metalinguistic knowledge that, international nurses should acquire to perform in their jobs such as knowing how to interact with the patient while explaining the brochures, illnesses and treatments or while interviewing him/her.

Another problem international nurses can face could be the culture shock.It is important to include in the course a visit to the city, so students can learn about and understand better the American culture and become familiar with cultural practices that might be different to those in their countries.