My Family


                                                                                                My mom and dad


I love my family tons and miss them when IÕm at college.  I have a mom and dad and then two brothers. My older brother Brian is graduating this year from Madison, Wisconsin and my little brother Jay is a sophomore in high school.  ItÕs always so much fun when everyone is actually back together at home and we all get to catch up.  Also the other members of the family would be my animals.  I have two cats and two dogs.  Lil Kat, Otis, Riley, and Millie.  Lil Kat and Millie are my two animals I have got over the years.  Millie is the newest member.  I got her for Christmas my senior year and I absolutely adore her.  She is such a troublemaker yet so entertaining.  She is such a loving dog.  I always miss her so much when IÕm gone at school.  I love seeing how excited she gets when I finally get back home.




                                                                               My puppy mille                        My little brother and I