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          I absolutely love football, but I have a few more hobbies that I greatly enjoy also. Listening to music… I love rock music, and I also like hip-hop, pop, country, and only when I am studying, classical music. Playing in a band… Yes, I was in a high school band as a drummer, but that is definitely not what I am talking about. I was actually in a rock band and played in numerous concerts held anywhere from clubs to churches. We were together up until I decided to come to college here, and it kind of didn’t work out with me being 1,000 miles away. We were called Falling Together though, and you can look us up on MySpace. Competing… I am a highly competitive person in all areas of life. Whether it be sports, education, or hop-scotch, I have an intensely competitive nature that drives me to win (yes, pretty weird, I know). And of course, I like getting onto Facebook, MySpace, and Yahoo, and chatting it up with my friends, although I haven’t been able to do that much recently.

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