New Ideas for MEBBS

1. There are only a few things that motivate students to do stuff: friends, money, food, or recognition. Being the president of ASME or the like would look good on a resume.. it's known. MEBBS must make itself known. There needs to be some motivator to get students to continue the development of a group like this. A good way to get our messages and agenda across would be to appoint a leader or leaders and have these leaders report as cabinet members or somehow a part of ASME. MEBBS needs to present at an ASME meeting what we're all about and what we plan to do. We could seek involvement from ASME members as well as faculty that may be involved with ASME. At each ASME meeting our leader or leaders could report on what MEBBS is doing, all about the web page, and what they could do to help. Aside from learning how to make web pages this group could offer meeting professors, learning the way the department functions, resourcefulness within the department, orginization, leadership, and course and curriculum changes. This group is not well recognized right now by students. We should first get these webpages to be seen by the students. This should be worked on this semester and perhaps publicized next semester. More course webpages would have to be made and/or more info that would encourage students to visit regualrly. Newsgroups would help and would be extremely easy to get. Once it is recognized by the students as a useful resource it would be easier to get more student participation.

2. Create a class that is like a design project.. maybe more focused on current aspects in that it would have speakers and the speakers would give presentations and their notes would be available on the web for others to see. These notes would gather up after a while and could make a good webpage. One problem with this idea is that it requires other people to work. But the speakers do not necessarily have to be professors. This could be a class where students get together with other students to teach each other about things they have learned or where someone from industry comes in to speak. This would be similar to an ASME type thing where the group takes tours of different parts of the campus to see how mechanical engineering is used there (ex. the power plant or the VR lab). This could also be used to talk about current topics in the ME department such as curriculum changes where feedback could be acquired.

3. Say ASME, the Student Advisory Board (MESAB), and MEBBS all mixed. Students want to learn things that will help them in classes or once they graduate (ex. PRO/E or other computer packages or languages). ASME hosts a session on an Introduction to C++. We could make a website from these classes. MESAB could write a survey and we could put it on the web. This may be too much stuff for us to do.

4. In our original goals, encouraging high school students was one of them. If they see how classes are on the web our wired campus ratings may go up because of this and they will be encouraged. This is a very important goal because it is so widespread and even student that aren't yet in college can learn from this. If we can appeal to them early we could have a much stronger base to work from. This may be the only format for some students to learn about and become interested in mechanical engineering.

We would appreciate any feedback related to new ideas we could implement for this group. Just put them here on this page.