The Mechanical Engineering Building Blocks to Success group, or MEBBS for short, is composed of 25 mechanical engineering students under the direction of Dr. Radha Sarma, Dr.Judy Vance and Dr. Loren Zachary. Our project involves providing channels for student-faculty communication on courses and the curriculum. MEBBS will provide the students and the professors with a source of communication. MEBBS will also develop a way for students to provide feedback on courses and curriculum to the professors whenever feedback is needed - not only at the end of the semester. There will be a standard format for all classes to provide ease of navigation.

The goal of the group is to enhance two-way communication between students and faculty on courses and the curriculum. The group will accomplish this by creating newsgroups for discussion, a place for professors to distribute infomation to their classes and a way for the students to provide feedback to the professor. We will develop a means by which this information is processed and handed over to the groups responsible for making decisions.

In our webpages we would like to include more in depth information about every class offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department then is currently available, relevance to industry, information about the specific sections, such as instructor and syllabus, and any supplemental information or references the instructor thinks would be useful.

These web pages and the feedback that is returned from the students by way of the newsgroup will be used to help us determine what curriculum changes may need to take place within the Mechanical Engineering Department. MEBBS will make recommendations to the curriculum committee based on the feedback that is provided from these webpages and newsgroups.

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