Mid-Continent Space Development Conference Minutes

03 APR 97

Subject: Informational Meeting

Meeting came to order at 8:29 PM in Town 260.

Roll Call -- sign up sheet passed around to all present.

Determined what kind of pizza and how much.
Brian Lund moved to order 2 Large from HomeTeam.
Andrew Abicht seconded motion.

Introduction -- Brian Lund President
-Annual Conference of speakers about Space!
-Last Conference around 200 participants, in comparison International 400.

-Young Dreamers Program -- self sufficient
-Model Rocket Launches / Paper Airplanes
-Grade School 120 children participants

Current Staff members:
Brian Lund -- President
Andrew Abicht -- Secretary
Kyle Johnson -- Publicity Chair

Description of vacant staff positions:

Vice President -- 2nd in Charge, Reservations for speakers, A/V Equipment
Treasurer -- Handles all money$
Fundraiser -- Raises money from sponsors, companies, donations, and activities
Programming Chair -- Gets speakers, handles transportation, attends International Space Conference, Orlando FL.

Mark Soloman --
-Start Early in planning
-Dan Golden NASA - excited about ISU, and Non-Destructive Evaluation minor.
-Space Stuff, reach wide audience, so much more than engineering, space health, business, need campus wide involvement.
-70 people/day at our conference
-Donations from companies, need to get in early so we are included in their budgets.
-Restructuring, used to be a Corporation.
-Ground Level, make whatever you want
-Programming Chair - Big Networking

Conducted Selection of new staff members:
Vice-President Rory Eisele
Treasurer Ryoichi Yanagisawa
Fundraiser Trish Devore
Programming Chairs Chris Berns & Mark Fienhold
Young Dreamer's Program Erin Schweiger

Future Notes: