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Shannon McCrocklin is the daughter of Michael and Sara McCrocklin. Dr. Michael McCrocklin is trained as a family/marriage therapist and has always had a profound interest in ethics and religion. His book, An Answered Prayer: God's Love is Astounding, addresses the message of God in present day. Sara McCrocklin, although originally trained as a wildlife biologist, hasShannon as a Child found her place in pharmaceutical sales. She currently works for MedImmune, a medical technologies company, selling FluMist and an antiviral drug for RSV.

As a kid, Shannon moved around quite a bit, growing up in Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, then Illinois. As a child she enjoyed school as well as her extra-curricular activities, swimming and softball.


Shannon completed her high school education at Paris High School (in Illinois) in 2003. While in high school she particularly enjoyed my English and French classes. She also developed an appreciation of good teaching; she had a particularly good teacher Mrs. Jane Witmer, who helped her develop an interest in languages and writing. Shannon credits her as greatly influencing the path that she followed in her higher education.

She then pursued her BA at University of Illinois. After some major changing, she ended up in International Studies, with a concentration in English as an International Language and a minor in French. Most people aren't familiar with this major, though. International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that draws from many disciplines: anthropology, sociology, political science, economics, history, and geography. To complete a major in International Studies, a student must also pick a region of the world. The student takes courses in that area's civilization and studies a relevant language for that region. Finally, the student must study abroad for a semester in the region. The region Shannon chose was Europe; she studied French and studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Although she had always been interested in Teaching English as a Second Me at MATESL GraduationLanguage (TESL), she really developed her interest while taking courses for her English as an International Language concentration for her BA major. She decided to pursue her MA in TESL at the University of Illinois, as well. She was immediately drawn into the ESL service courses, teaching ESL 110/510 (a pronunciation course) under the supervision of Prof. Wayne Dickerson. While teaching this course, she developed a profound interest in the acquisition of second language pronunciation and enhanced her knowledge by taking more pronunciation focused classes and performing a research study, the results of which were presented at CALICO.


Now, she is pursuing her PhD at Iowa State University in Applied Linguistics and Technology. She hopes to continue to study the acquisition of pronunciation and learn more about the incorporation of technology in its instruction. She is currently teaching a freshman composition course, Engl 150:Critical Thinking and Communication.