Text Box: My favorite magazine is definitely Runner’s World! It is full of stories, recipes, and training tips that I love reading. It’s a great magazine for a beginner, or for someone who has been a runner for years.

Text Box: Here is a link to the Iowa State University track and cross country team web pages. You can find short biographies about all the athletes under “roster” and news about what’s happening with the teams!

Text Box: Inspiration comes to me in many forms. As an athlete I get a lot of inspiration from Lisa Koll. As a person my family is constantly inspiring me to give everything I have. I find inspiration in the stories of others, as well as in some of the small and seemingly insignificant parts of life. Here are a few links that inspire me.

Text Box: This link is to It is the web page for the Quad City Times, the local newspaper for which I write blogs about once a week. Here is the link for my most recent blog: