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I am a graduate student of Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University, working under the supervision of Dr. W. Ross Morrow. The research in our group is focused on developing efficient and reiable numerical methods to model complex design and pricing problems. This includes using Mathematical Optimization, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling and Economics.

Right now the focus of the group is on measuring how stably and efficiently a Bertrand-Nash equilibrium state in a regulated, large scale game-theoritic design and pricing problem can be computed where there are a lot of firms and products. The general outcome of the research will help us understand the performance of the existing optimization algorithms and software based on the mathematical formulation of the problem. However, the specific outcome of the research can show us the effectiveness of the regulatory policies on the products and resultant environmental impacts.

You can find my resume here.

If you are interested in my reseaerch areas, here are some good sources addressing Game Theory:

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