I_APEX Changes Log



5/2/2008 1) fixed bug so that all bad runs are listed in the final run window.

               2) added soils 5 id to soil name in the select soil box of the subarea edit window

               3) changed nonvarying curve number check box to edit box in tab 2 of run header edit


5/13/2008 fixed bug that caused fn and fp in the Yearly Output table always to be zero.


6/4/2008 1) allowed the writing of ID, Subarea Id, Said, and Year to Pesticide Output 2 table.

               2) split SWAT Output table into SWAT Output, SWAT Output 2, and SWAT Output 3.

               3) corrected read of .OUT file where WUEF overflows.


6/10/2008 1) eliminated SWAT Output 3 table and refigured SWAT Output and SWAT Output 2.

                  2) increased slope, channel slope, and USLE C for channel by one decimal place in subarea file.


6/20/2008 added Annual Watershed Output table to database containing data from .AWP file.


7/29/2008 added option to convert database output to English units.


8/5/2008 fixed read of .SUS file that was causing an infinite loop.


8/14/2008 fixed miscellaneous variables that weren’t being converted to English units when the convert

               option was selected


8/19/2008 added variables Rfn, Yln, Ylp, Btn, Btp, Ftn, Ftp and changed Yw to Ywnd in Annual

               Watershed table in database


9/4/2008 1) fixed problem of apex2110 being unable to open output files.

               2) made i_apex compatible with apex0604 by adding the following fields to the following tables in

                   the database:

Control Records:

                              Times Seeds Initialized

                              Select Directory

                              Auto Mow Interval

                              Use SOT Files

                              Fraction Controlled by Ponds

                              Reach Channel USLE C Factor


                              Feeding Stock Pile Rate


                              Pipe Outflow Subarea Id


                              Auto Mow Min Interval

                              Fraction Subarea Controlled by Ponds


10/1/2008 added prebuild soil list checkbox in configuration window allowing initial reading of soils to be

               switched on and off.


11/19/2008 added variables Btc, Ftc, Btcsa1, Ftcsa1 and Rus2sa1 to Annual Watershed table in database


12/17/2008 1)In Annual Pesticide Output table of database Percolated N is changed to Percolation and

                       and Drainage N is changed to Drainage

                    2)In Organic C and N Output table fields Total Organic N and Total Organic C are filled.


12/18/2008 Added Fraction Field Capacity (FIRG) to Control Records table.


1/6/2009 added Elev at Emergency Spillway and Elev at Principal Spillway to Subarea table.


3/31/2009 allowed all records in .APS file to show up in Annual Pesticide Output II table despite zero    application rate.


5/6/2009 Fixed the read of .ACN file to correspond to addition of 2 variables to .ACN file table.


5/8/2009 Management table was not being closed. Corrected problem.


9/23/2009 Fixed miscount of crops when there is a fallow year causing a crop to be dropped.


11/9/2009 Added Auto P (IPAT) to Control Records table.


11/10/2009 Added Phosphorus Stress to Crop Yield Output table


11/17/2009 Fixed save SWAT file in run dialog box.


1/8/2010 Added Bpdpl and Fpdpl variables to Annual Watershed Output table.


1/11/2010 Fixed problem where run flagged as succeeded but did not finish.


2/1/2010 Added variable EPIC Kemanian Function to Control Records table and variables Urban Fraction of Subarea, Fraction Subarea Controlled by Buffers and Buffer Flow Length to Subarea table for latest APEX0604


2/5/2010 Fixed Layer Up and Layer Down buttons in soil layer edit


2/18/2010 Added Salt Stress to Crop Yield Output table. Added Soil Salt Output table to database


3/8/2010 Added Irrigation Salt Concentration to Control Records table


4/5/2010 Added Pesticide Return Flow to Annual Pesticide Output 2 table


3/1/2011 Added editing for S Curve 25 through 29


3/25/2011 Changed labels and help windows for PARM54 and PARM55


6/30/2011 Changed number of decimal places for rr_floodplain_length (RFPL) in subarea file from 2 to 3

               Made I_APEX compatible with APEX0806 by adding the following fields to the database:

                              Control Records table

                                             Use Lat for Subareas

                                             Grazing Mode

                                             Duration of Rain

                                             Adjust Auto Irrigation

                                             Rfdt Filename

                              Subarea table

                                             Orientation of Slope

                              Management table

                                             Adjust Auto Irrigation

                              Parameters table


7/14/2011 Added output table Monthly Subarea Output to database to hold .MSA data for both apex2110 & apex0806


7/22/2011 Fixed problem of I_APEX not filling the Monthly Subarea Output table

8/17/2011 Added Bslt and Fslt to Annual Watershed Output table; APEX2110 will fill these fields