Statistics 580 Lectures

Spring 2013

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Date Posted Lecture Videos
Jan 22
Introduction to C (237 MB)
Jan 24
Power Series Expansions(148 MB)
Jan 29
Variables in C (256 MB)
Jan 31
Arrays and Constants in C (247 MB)
Feb 05
Simulation Methods (186 MB)
Feb 07
Operators in C (462 MB)
Feb 12
Computer Arithmetic (207 MB)
Feb 12
Conditional Execution (258 MB)
Feb 19
Arithmetic Operations, Functions (477 MB)
Feb 26
Pointers -- I (286 MB)
Feb 28
Pointers -- II (335 MB)
Mar 05
Adaptive Rejection Sampling (234 MB)
Mar 07
Case Study: Rejection Sampling (234 MB)
Mar 12
Pointers and Memory Allocation
Mar 14
Rmath and K-means clustering (234 MB)
Mar 26
Input/Output (266 MB)
Apr 02
K-means Color Quantization of Images (316 MB)
Apr 04
Using the LAPACK Library (437 MB)
Apr 16
The Expectation-Maximization Algorithm (no video)
Apr 18
Function Pointers (288 MB)
Apr 23
Using the FFTW Library (video accidentally deleted)
Apr 25
Calling C from R (369 MB)
Apr 30
Handling Sparse Matrices (no video)
May 1
Calling C from R (no video)

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