Statistics 579 Home Page

Fall 2011

Class meets: R 12:10 -- 2:00 pm (Section A), T 12:10 pm -- 2:00 pm (Section B) in: Snedecor 3121, XW (online)

Instructor: Ranjan Maitra (Ron-jone Moi-tro)

Teaching Assistant: Yihui Xie

  • Office: 2215 Snedecor Hall
  • Phone: 515-294-2465
  • E-mail:xie
  • Office Hours: W 3:30-5 pm, or by appointment

    Course Prerequisites
    1. Solid grounding in linear algebra, calculus and undergraduate statistics
    Grading Scheme: Course Syllabus: An introduction to the logic of programming, numerical algorithms, and graphics. The statistical package R will be used to demonstrate how data can be stored, manipulated, plotted, and analyzed using both built-in functions and user extensions. Concepts of modularization, looping, vectorization, conditional execution, and recursion will be emphasized.

    Computing - R

    Unless circumstances change, exams for the A/B sections will be administered on department lab machines at the same time, most likely in the late afternoon/evening.

    For distance learning students Please arrange for a proctor through LAS Online LAS Online.
    More information on this is available at the Proctor Validation Information for Students The distance exam will be administered through Blackboard (as for the other sections). You are not required to take the exam at the same time as the other class, however, the length of the exam is 2 hours. The exam will be open-book, open-notes, and you are permitted to use Google and the online search facility in R. However, no communication (electronic or otherwise) of any form is permitted.

    Web browsing capabilities will be disabled for all exams.

    The final exam is tentatively scheduled around Thanksgiving (final date to be determined later). The exam will be administered at the same time for both sections.