Iowa State University (August 2007 - current)
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (May 2011 - Aug 2011)
Hy-Vee Inc. (June 2010 - Aug 2010)
Ball State University (August 2007 - current)
The Premier bank Limited (August 2000 - August 2005)
Previous Experience - Sonali Bank
Training and Seminar attended


Iowa State University (August 2007 - current)
Activities as a graduate student
  • Develop visual statistical inference procedure based on statistical graphics using R.
  • Conduct survey on human perception about statistical plots.
  • Develop web application to obtain feedback data on visual inference using HTML, MySQL and PHP
  • Research for Hy-vee, analyzed mixture models for sales data using R and SQL.
  • Consultant, analysis of continuous/categorical/repeated measured data using SAS and R.
  • Teaching assistant for business statistics and introductory statistics courses.
  • Generate visualization of large Gene sequence data (Soybean genome), Department of Agronomy
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (May 2011 - Aug 2011)

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  • Data mining on large data, General Electric - Electronic Medical Record (GE-EMR), using R, SQL
  • Develop and validate heart failure and cardiovascular risk engines under Unix environment.
  • Generate exploratory report, visualization of the data and develop statistical models for the analysis and assessment of data collected over multiple cardiovascular studies.
Hy-Vee Inc. (June 2010 - Aug 2010)

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  • Perform exploratory data analysis on large sales data using R, SQL
  • Analyzed time series models for sales data to understand the sales pattern over time.
  • Implemented generalized linear models to predict sales and forecast demand for hot-deal item.
  • Produced Nutritional Value (NuVal) reports based on categorical grocery data analysis
Ball State University (August 2005 - June 2007)

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  • Research for St. Paul Travelers to predict severity of accidents.
  • Analyzed generalized linear model (GLM) for St. Paul Travelers using SAS macro/SQL.
  • Developed methods to estimate parameters of TurkeyÕs gh distribution using Mathematica.
  • Teaching Assistant and LAB TA for various courses.


After Passing M.Sc. in Statistics from the university of Dhaka I joined Sonali Bank, the largest nationalized bank in Bangladesh, on October 15, 1998. Sonali bank posted me in the Information Technology(IT) division, where I found my real interest. I have been trained and prepared for IT related work. I had interest in programming languages and eventually it got nourished. Later I moved to The Premier Bank Limited, Bangladesh on August 8, 2000. Through my professional career I achieved significant proficiency in both statistical analysis and computation. Also, I have some achievements in launching various IT related products and services. Finally I have been posted as the Head of IT in The Premier Bank Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had been serving in that position until I came to USA for higher study.

  In Premier Bank(2000-2005), Bangladesh
Job Experiance In The Premier Bank Limited - (August 2000 to August 2005)

I worked as the Head of IT in The Premier Bank Limited, the fastest growing commercial bank in Bangladesh.

Over all Management of the IT Division
Liaison with different Divisional Heads & Branch managers to identify automated I.T. solution for their manual procedures.
Responsible for providing I.T. solutions to meet business objectives such as: Online Banking, Credit/Debit cards, Internet Banking, Corporate Web site, Corporate Presentation
Liaison with 3rd party Vendors to draw up a deal on purchase and maintenance agreements
Resource allocation and tasking
Communication setup issues
Interface with the senior management & divisional officers with regards to business objectives, procedures & information.
 Evaluation of Roust Banking software for the Bank.
Supervising Branch opening issues
Organising training for improvement of IT manpower of the organisation



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I am working for Cortz Technologies Limited as a part time consultant since September 2004. The current project is to develop a soft phone system and a VOIP billing system. The system is designed to run on a linux gatekeeper. Also a soft switching system is under development.


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During my last service period I have the following achievements

1. Application Development

Worked as an Analyst Programmer and have experience in using Visual Basic, C++, COBOL & FORTRAN under various platforms such as Unix & Windows. Developed application software for the automation in Banking administration and Information Systems. The following applications are currently running:
Personnel Management Information System (PMIS)

Employee information, Transfer, Promotion, Leave, Salary & Provident Fund
Language: Visual Basic, Database : MS Access, Operating System: Windows
Bangladesh Bank Return Software.

This software is used for collecting data from branches of The Premier Bank Limited to integrate later at Head Office and then to submit data to Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank of Bangladesh) for statistical reporting and decision making.
Language: Visual Basic, Database : Access, Operating System: Windows
Nostro Reconciliation Software.

Language: Visual Basic, Database : MS SQL Server, Operating System: Windows 2000 server
Premier Bank corporate web site (

There is a secure user maintenance module of this web site. The client server architecture of This dynamic web site enables different divisions update the information from their own desks. Database: MySql, Language:
Premier Bank Intranet service

Using web browser all employees can access to the circulars, manuals & Knowledge based documents. There are search options for particular materials. Web Server: Apache, Database: MySql, Language: PHP & HTML

2. Launching of
VISA credit card System

Premier Bank Visa Card

The Premier Bank limited Launched VISA credit card on January 2004, where I worked as technical chief. I worked to fulfill all the technical requirements and to setup the parameters of the software according to our requirement. The whole system runs under SCO UNIX and widows 2000 server. The software system is purchased from Card Tech Limited ( The database is Informix dynamic server. I have design and developed some customized reports which were not available with core module.

3. WAN
setup among Premier Bank all branches & Head Office

All the branches of Premier Bank has come under WAN communication on June 2003 under my supervision. Currently the bank has 21 branches all over the country. Considering the weak communication system of the country the following system is implemented to setup communication:
Radio Link for intra city branches
Fibre Optics Link for intercity backbone
Digital Data Network (DDN) backbone where fibre optic backbone is not available.

4. Launching of real time
Online Banking

Premeir Bank started online banking services on July 2003. Due to the weak communication infrastructure we have established a distributed database system using MS SQL server. The system runs under Microsoft small business server. The software system PcBANK2000 is provided by Leads Corporation Limited (

5. Central Email system and secure Internet services of Premier Bank

We have setup central email system in Premier bank using Microsoft exchange server for external and internal email messages. All the employees have email number and they can communicate each other easily. No paper communication system is allowed among the employees. The internet service of the bank is setup behind a NAT. The
NAT is configured using LINUX ipchain security system.

6. Network security & Central File server

To implement the network security we have setup a central domain controller and implemented Active Directory Services. All the users login to the server going through some security policy. We have launched central file server system so that network users can keep their important documents in a central location where data is regularly backed up.

7. Launching of SWIFT system

Premier Bank is the member of Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). As a team leader I have performed the entire task to install the swift system in our head office and nine branches. At head office swift alliance access (SAA) server is installed and Pcconnect is installed in the branches. Branches connect SAA using dialup line and send & receive financial messages. SAA server dials swift Singapore POP automatically when it receives a message from branches.



Previous Experience - Sonali Bank (from October 15, 1998 to August 7, 2000)

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Sonali Bank is the largest nationalized bank in Bangladesh.  I Successfully passed the competitive Banker's Recruitment Committee (BRC) tests and Joined Sonali Bank as a confirmed Senior Officer.

Activities in Sonali Bank
posted at Lalbag Branch where performed  job responsibilities in different sections of general banking.
Performed duties in Sonali Bank Reconciliation division, Head Office, Motijheel.
Successfully passed the Computer Aptitude test for the newly joined Senior Officers arranged by Sonali Bank under the supervision of BUET and joined Information Technology (IT) division of Sonali Bank, Head Office, Dhaka.
Developed Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) of Sonali Bank.
Modified some modules of Reconciliation programs of Sonali Bank. Operating System - Unix, Language - C.
Developed a Package to maintain the Dollar Special Accounts (DOSA) for Sonali Bank Local Office. Operating System - Windows 98, Language - Visual Basic, Database - M.S. Access.


Training and Seminar attended

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During my service period I have attended various training and seminars as below:

 Training (Computer)
“Microsoft Windows 2000 Server & Implementing Network Infrastructure” organized by Praxis Training Centre, Dhaka
“Computer Based MIS in Banks” organized by Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, Dhaka
“Tools & Techniques of Data Mining and Business Intelligence”, a training program organized by IBA, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
 "Programming Algorithm", a three-month practical lesson by Dr. M. Kaykobad, Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, BUET, organized by IT division, Sonali Bank.
"Visual Basic Programming", In-house training arranged by IT division, Sonali Bank.
"Object Oriented Programming Using C++", arranged by Independent University, Bangladesh.
"Programming in COBOL", In-house training arranged by IT division, Sonali Bank.
Programming Language FORTRAN, at undergraduate course, University of Dhaka.
Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), at undergraduate course, University of Dhaka.
Training (Banking)
"Foundation Training on Banking", Organized by Sonali Bank Staff College.
"Export Import Trade & Financing", Organized by Sonali Bank Staff College.
Five days Practical training on Foreign Exchange at Romna Corporate Branch (AD) of Sonali Bank.

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