Traveling, hiking and making fun

I have a fascination for traveling. Whenever I get time I must go somewhere. I like to see new places, new civilization and new culture. When I was a high school student, I lived in the hostel where I enjoyed very free and uncontrolled life. That helped me travel to a distant place (from Chandpur to Comilla) for the first time. Then I did not stop. I have visited the following places at home and abroad:

1. Full south-east region of bangladesh including Feni, Chittagong, Rangamati, Kaptai, Bandarban, Cox's Bazar, Teknaf and Sent Martin Island.
2. Full North-east of Bangladesh including Comilla, Sylhet, Srimongal, Jaflong, Madobkunda
3. Northen side including Tangail and Moymensing
4. Southern side including Patuakhali and Kuakata
5. North-west including Rajshahi, Bogra, Rongpur and Dinaspur
6. Hiking to climb up the highest peak of bangladesh
7. South-east Asian region including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia
8. London, United Kingdom
9 Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Niagara Falls in Canada

I have a dream to travel whole over the world. I wish I could visit the Moon.

There are more information with pictures of my traveling. Just click here.

Games and sports

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I am very much fond of playing chess. If I can see a chess board in your hand I will definitely request you to play with me. My favorite chess player is Cashperv.

I do not like to play outdoor games. But I like to enjoy cricket on TV. My favorite cricket team is Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

Mathematical puzzles and brain storming

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I was never as good as my teachers expected me to be in mathematics. But I love numbers. I like to think with unsolved problems. For example the following problem attracted me.

Suppose you are given a balance and you have to measure any weight 1 through 40 kg using any combination of only four weights. Can you tell what those four weights are?

This problem did not attract me only as it is a mathematical puzzle. Instead it attracted me because of its pattern of answer. Find the answer and find the pattern of the answer, I hope you will be interested, too.

Any problem that appears before me must devour my attention to it. I try to solve it. If I can, I do not leave here. Instead I love to generalize the problem. If you want to learn how, come here.

Browsing the net and chatting

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Internet is an amazing area of information storage. I can get information I want to see. Everyday I spend some of time to brows the net. My favorite site is It is very interesting as it covers every side of news, views and ideas. As long as I am in I do not need to go different sites for sports through weather and science and news. It helped me to learn English, too.

I am fond of making new friends on the net. Though it is very difficult to make friends on the net, I am successful in several cases. I have some good friends on the net from different countries. I often chat with them, share my views, learn about them, their culture even without visiting their country.

Songs, Movies and TV

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I cannot sing songs. But I like to enjoy modern Bengali songs. I hate band songs as well as attending live band show as the crowded dancing is very irritating to me. On the contrary, I like to enjoy songs alone or at most with my wife. Also, songs are very enjoyable while I am on a journey to a country side.

Some of my favorite songs.

1. Je tuku somoi tumi thako kachey, Money hoy ey dehey pran achey

I do not like Hindi and Bengali movies that many people of our country are fascinated with. I am very much fond of English movies. My most favorite movie is Hard Target. As far as I can remember I watched it about ten times and will not miss to watch it if I get opportunity again.

My some other favorite movies are:

          1. No where to run
          2. The world is not enough
          3. Speed
The Quick and the Dead
          5. Cliffhanger

Executive Decision
          7. Die another day

          8. Poison Ivy

My favorite actors and actresses are:

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Steven Seagal                           
Sylvester Stallone
Halle Berry
          5. Jacky Chen
          6. Jet Lee
          7. Sharon Stone
          8. Jennifer Lopez

When I start TV I usually watch movies or national geography channel otherwise my favorite BBC channel is my friend for ever.

Computer programming and Algorithm

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I used computer, played game on computer and typed using computer but never new what programming was until I started learning FORTRAN in my undergraduate level. I became very enthusiastic and my limitless curiosity irritated one of my senior brothers who at last gave me a problem just to make me understand that programming was more difficult than I was thinking. Being more eager I took the problem from him. Also he declared to give me a prize if I could solve the problem using FORTRAN.

The problem was really difficult (Now I know how simple it was!). I had to write a program which would display a result like the following:

                   and so on until a given integer.

I was new in programming and I just started my first FORTRAN lesson. I had to think very hard to realize the logic but too many syntax error took two hours to solve the problem. That was my first step in programming.

After that I have passed a long way. You can find my achievements in my profession section. But my interest in computer programming algorithm was not known to me until I met Dr. M. Kaykobad who came to teach us algorithm while I was in Sonali Bank. He just discovered me and got me involved in brain storming. I became so much interested in algorithm that we jointly started working and our paper is published in a journal. You will find it in my research section.

Study, language and culture

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Extra curricular activities

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I got several prizes on the following section:

             1. Recitation from Holy Quran
             2. Extempore speech and debate
             3. Acting
             4. Essay writing

Also I worked as the chief editor of our college (Notre Dame College, Motijheel Dhaka) magazine 'Blue and Gold' in the 40th anniversary of the college.



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