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This Hawkeye Belle is for a good friend
who is recovering from major surgery.
This flower is covered not with dew, but angel's tears of joy.
Best wishes, Jane!

Teresa's engagement party

Family celebrations are always special and this was no different! Best wishes to a wonderful couple!

Folder for high-resolution images is HERE

Amanda's bridal shower

Wedding Jeopardy and other games, plus gifts, friends and moms -- what more could you want?

Girls' Night Out

Three good friends, lots of memories, and an evening away from responsibilities -- the perfect combination!

Dave and Laura's garden

You might find a few weeds, but we enjoy being out in all of our gardens. They're a lot of work, but a labor of love!

Dave and Laura's trip to the Caribbean

A trip to the islands of Aruba, Curacao, St. Thomas and St. Martin in 2008 provided just the warmth and sunshine we needed.

Dave and Laura's trip to San Diego

We had a wonderful time! Here are a few pictures from our trip in 2004.


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