Virtual Origami Gallery

Since about 1995 I have been creating origami "paper quilts" by folding individual squares and combining them into a finished work. This small translucent piece reveals something of the technique:

Some recent creations (2001-present):

Above: A comet has two tails. Most comets have a dust tail, broad, featureless, and curved; and an ion tail, straight and full of kinks and knots. The dust tail is pushed out away from the sun by Sunlight; the ion tail is caught up in the solar wind and thus also moves away from the Sun. Both start in the same direction but the ion tail stays straight while the dust grains in the dusty tail fall behind, creating a curve in the dust tail.

Happy New Year Costa Rica - We traveled to Costa Rica for a tour that included New Year's Eve high in the mountains in a small village where we were treated to fireworks in the rain (launched from a covered porch behind the inn). My choices of paper are meant to evoke the rain forests we saw as well as the mountainous celebration.

A Small World - this means both the size of the piece (about 12" square) and the insect world that is depicted on the paper that composes the central ball.

Cosmic Structure, a commissioned piece. This one is meant to evoke the evolution of the universe from the intense, dense fireball (upper left) through to the era of recombination and the formation of individual galaxies and stars. The paper was dyed before being assembled.

A puzzle without all the pieces - This one examines how a pattern persists in the face of an increasing number of gaps until with apparent suddenness the gaps become too many, and the pattern breaks down. I was trying to understand what happens when people's memories begin to fail them, as my father's memory became unreliable in his last years. This was very hard on my mother, who cared for him, but for him it was in some ways a blessing; he couldn't remember that he was ill and thought it just wonderful how he was being taken care of and that he would live forever. Thus, my choice of colors is cheerful and child-like, because I felt I was getting a glimpse of how he may have been as a child.

Locus Amoenus -- a commisioned piece, my largest so far at 3' x 3'

Three Stars Blue - a small work with peaceful colors

Other works from 2000 or before: Southwest Autumn  (and its back side)    1997                      

Healing piece                1999

Fall'n'Leaves              1998                                                  

Geostrata III:  Fault       1999

Cosmos                     1998                                                  

Pillars of Fire             2000

Garden                     1999                                                  

Millennium Fireworks    2000

Rose Window            1998                                                  

Some more early examples (pre-2000) are:

Geostrata I and Geostrata II

Cityplan and Countryscape

Galaxy I and Cyclone Galaxy

Altar X   (and its back side)

Altar X was completed in 1998; the others in this group are all from 1999.