Here are a few pictures from the show, showing how the cloud vessels by Steve Aitchison and the photographic images of the Earth played together.



Two new forms by Steve Aitchison nestle in the foreground while cloud vessels and "Desert Jewels" are seen at the walls.


Chinese rice fields and a cloud vessel; the man-made form seems more natural than the modified Earth.


The coloration in this large cloud vessel echoed the colors in "Bagdad Mine" and "Red Mine".

Norma Wolff took pictures at the opening and on Sunday:

Presenting flowers

Dot Prater presents the artists with a bouquet of flowers on the occasion of the opening of the show.


Mary Swander, Lee Anne Willson, Mayly Sanchez and Massimo Marengo at the opening.

Photographing the show

Potter Steve Aitchison snaps a photo of the opening.


Steve Aitchison contemplates his black forms while Lee Anne Willson discusses photography with Steve and Leslie Kawaler.