Photographs in the show and a few closely related images

Click on an image title to get a screen-sized version of each work.

The images posted on this site are at much lower resolution than the original images and the prints shown at Creative Artists' Studios of Ames. In the show, these are blown up to 20x27 to 24x32 inches. The quality of the original images is evident in a few detail shots included in the linked files - click below each image to see a larger version with supporting text.

If you would be interested in purchasing a print in size 12x16 to 24x32, contact me about obtaining a print, signed and numbered, according to this price list.


Rice Fields

____ Rice Fields near Beijing_________

UrbanTextureThumb TransportationThumb GolfSpiderThumb

__Urban Texture_____________Transportation___________ _Golf Spider (Southwest)


SnowGraphicThumb SnowAndFire OpenWater

Snow Graphic (Midwest) (Mi____Fire and Ice (China) i__i___Water Holes (Midwest)


_______Desert Jewels I___________________


DryLake Snowlakeblue

_______Dry Lake________________________ __Blue Lake (Russia)___________


Red Mine Bagdad Mine

________ Red Mine (NM/UT)__________________________________Bagdad Mine (AZ)

Pit Mine

_________Casa Grande Pit Mine (AZ)

The images in the show are fewer than 1% of the images I have taken from airplanes over the last 2 years, since I purchased my Canon Powershot G9 camera in January 2008. The original images are nearly all 4000x3000 pixel images.