Hello everyone!!

My name is Lucas McDowell and as of spring 2010 I am a freshman in Materials engineering. In case you are wondering, no that is not my son in the picture, and yes I still am under 20. Most people think I am older because I am prematurely balding. Itís a curse but I have to accept it and live with it.

Primarily email: lucasm@iastate.edu




About Me:

I am 18 as of now. I have 15 brothers and sisters, (yes they are all biological.) My hometown is a little place called woodbine. Donít blink, or you will probably miss it. I tend to think too much. I have a problem with talking too much. I love my friends and family more than anything. I guess everybody says that to make themselves sound better so, obviously, Iím not very original.



Elaina Probasco
Amy Probasco
Julie Probasco
Emma Probasco
Jeremy McDowell
Sarah Probasco
Clarissa Arabella
J.C Probasco
Hunter Probasco
Rebecca McDowell
Zachary Scott McDowell
Erica McCoy
Rian Jones
Tiffany McDowell
Daniel McDowell


I like to eat and sleep, but that is what everybody says. I love to swim its probably my most favorite thing to do in the entire world. Contrary to popular belief I do not run for fun, I like the feeling when Iím done. I like to read write a draw. I like to sing and dance. I donít watch TV and I run a LOT.


Favorite Music:

My favorite song depends on my mood, but my favorite band is Green Day.


Favorite Movies:

It changes. I tend to love some movies one minute and get bored with them the next... one of my favorite movies though is October sky. It makes me feel good. I like action packed movies and every once in a while a chic flick


Favorite Books:

I love the book Looking for Alaska by john Greene. I hate it when people say the greatest books in the world are either the Harry Potter series or Twilight series when they have read nothing else. In fact I hate it when people say something is the greatest in general but they havenít experienced everything else. Donít get me wrong. They are all great books, but there are better in my opinion.


Favorite Quotations:

I have many

"Shoot for the moon if you miss it you will still be heading for a star the trip may be longer but the journey makes all the difference."

"When in doubt....smile."


"Itís not about the size of the dog in the fight; itís about the size of the fight in the dog"


"Donít measure the mountain until you have reached the highest summit."


"Cigarettes are like boogers the more you have the harder it is to breath."


"I have a bad feeling and itís not good."


"Holy fat crackers batman!"


"Let the rain drive down the snow pile deep and the wind buffet my coat I care not for I walk a road worth walking."


"Be Strong Now, Things Will Get Better -- It Might Be Stormy Now, But It Can't Rain Forever..."

There are a lot more, but it would take a long time to type them all.




Links to Solid works

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