Iowa Section Institute of Food Technologists

February 19, 1998

Present: Jeannette Bohnenkamp, Lester Wilson, Julie Cotton, Bob Olson, Lolita Hanson, Nita Yusuf, Mark Love, Pat Murphy, John Pursell, Tim Freier, Cheryll Reitmeier


1. The minutes of the November 1997 meeting were approved with the following corrections. Suppliers Night will be April 23, 1998. Election of officers will be held at the February meeting.

2. No treasurer's report was given.

Old Business:

3. The Midwest Food Processing Conference will be held Oct. 5-6, 1998 in Dubuque, IA. Lester Wilson volunteered to serve on the planning committee with Bob Olson, Bill LaGrange, and Cheryll Reitmeier. Illinois IFT members are chairing the conference. The student (undergraduate and graduate) poster session will include a competition this year; Cheryll Reitmeier and Julie Cox will serve on this committee.

4. Pat Murphy reported on Suppliers Night and the April 23 IFT meeting. Fliers were mailed (100) to prospective companies for display tables, student sponsorship letters were sent, and there is much interest in the meeting. Scott Seibert checked on the availability of display boards in Cedar Rapids and none are available. There was discussion about other options for student research posters. M. Love suggested a "Power Point" research forum. Pursell suggested inexpensive poster boards be purchased by IFT; Cotton agreed. M. Love will check on cost.

The speaker will be ?, Ames, IA, presenting "ISO 9000".

New Business:

5. Bohnenkamp presented the officer nominations for the 1998-99 term. V. Robert Carlson was nominated for Chair-elect, Hattie Middleton for Alternate Councilor, and David Raife as Treasurer. Student nominations will be initiated by Cotton and will include UNI students. Middleton will replace Love whose term is expiring. With the new IFT governance rules, Iowa-IFT will have 2 councillors and 2 alternate councillors. The positions of councilor (Olson) and alternate councilor (Alexander) will not be replaced. Seibert, Wilson and Frye will continue their terms.

Nominations will be presented to the membership for voting at the Feb. 19 meeting.

6. Pursell reported that the Iowa Industry Scholarship has been established with $1100 in contributions from HyVee, Cookies BBQ, Pepsi, and Silliker.

7. Cotton reported about student IFT activities. The ISU FSHN Club participated in a CancerWalk Feb. 21. They are planning a spring careers lecture. VEISHEA will be April 17-18 and the club will have yogurt sales and a display on the theme "Time for a Change".

The IFT Product Development team submitted a prelimnary proposal about the product "S'Morsels". Funding ($500) from last year's second place entry is supporting this year's efforts and an "auction" is planned for the April meeting.

The IFT College Bowl team will be competing at Kansas State University, April 4. The team members are Julie Cotton, Lolita Hanson, Beth Fiddick, Tammy Lester and Vanessa Smith. Dr. Pometto is the advisor and has donated $120. Total expenses are $820; funds have been requested from GSS, CFCS and Ag Councils. Wilson moved that $375 be given to the College Bowl team; motion passed.

8. The Iowa Industry Scholarship was discussed. M. Love moved that the Iowa-section IFT contribute $1600 to the scholarship fund for 1998. Wilson seconded; motion passed.

Olson moved that the scholarship be one award of $750 in 1998; Love seconded; motion passed. This award replaces the Tyson Award. No guidelines for the award have been established yet. RoseAnn Shea and John Pursell will develop guidelines. It was suggested that the national IFT scholarships be reviewed for guidelines. This scholarship will be awarded in April 1998.

9. The Science Fair will be held March 28 in Ames. Pat Murphy will organize judges and awards ($ ) for junior high and high school food-related entries. ? will check on the Cedar Rapids Science Fair.

10. The national IFT meeting will be June 20-24 in Atlanta, GA. Wilson may not be able to attend as Councilor; Love, Alternate Councilor, will attend. This substitution should be officially made to IFT via Pursell.

11. Reitmeier announced the IFT Leadership Conference, Aug. 21-23, 1998, in Chicago, for one Iowa-section officer to attend.

Meeting adjourned 3:30 pm.

Approximately 50 members gathered at the Millstream Brewery, Amana, for a tour which was unfortunately cancelled. Social hour at the Ox Yoke Inn preceded the dinner with ? members in attendance. Pursell conducted the business meeting at which V. Robert Carlson, David Raife, and Hattie Middleton were elected Chair-elect, Treasurer, and Alternate Councilor, respectively. The speaker was Mary Mulry, IFT Lecturer, who spoke on the topic "Hope or Hype: What the food industry should know about dietary supplements".

NEXT MEETING: April 23, 1998, Cedar Rapids, IA

C. Reitmeier

Secretary, Iowa-section IFT



Chair: Pat Murphy, 515-294-1970 (Telephone)

Chair-elect and program chair: V. Robert Carlson, 319-395-7882

Past-chair: John Pursell, 515-254-3147

Treasurer: David Raife, 515-223-1533

Secretary: Cheryll Reitmeier, 515-294-4325

Corresponding Secretary: Linda Svendsen, 515-294-9577

Members-At-Large: Timothy Freier, 319-366-3570 and Don Catus, 515-223-1533

Councilors: Scott Seibert, 319-368-0259 and Lester Wilson, 515-294-3889

Alternate Councilors: Casey Frye, 515-382-6104 and Hattie Middleton, 319-273-6007


Volunteers are needed to serve on Iowa-section IFT committees. The scholarship and awards committee, science fair judges and Midwest Food Processing Conference committee all need help. Contact Pat Murphy or V. Robert Carlson.