Computer Applications in Architecture


Objectives of this course are fourfold: (1) to explore methods of constructing Web pages, (2) to explore computer drawing techniques and major conceptual frameworks on CAD systems, (3) to learn concepts of Building Information Modeling (BIM) through Revit Architecture, and (4) to exercise methods of lighting in Revit system.

This course teaches concepts of computational media and parametric modeling used in design. The course contents are organized as a series of exercises to be carried out directly on computers. Each exercise will progressively introduce more advanced issues in design, and their corresponding computing applications in Building Information Modeling.

At the end of the course students should gain knowledge of architectural computing methods centered at Building Information Modeling that they can apply in design studios, thesis work, research, and professional practice. Students should gain knowledge of basic and advanced Building Information Modeling technologies that can be used to model and retrieve building information in the building lifecycle from design to facility management.




Professor: Chiu Shui Chan
Iowa State University