Some Photos at / near the Field

The View Heading Back From the Field

Photos of the Condo

A Few More Photos of the Condo


Luau at Hawaiian Research

Beach Hopping on the West End of the Island

Going to, at, and Coming Back From Halawa on NE end of Molokai

Small Beach just North of Condo

Makahiki Festival

Some Big Waves on Beach South of Condo -- we're farther away from the waves than we appear. So no worries, we were safe.

Sunset Time at 3 Mile Long Beach -- i.e. Papohaku Beach

These photos of sunrise were taken on the South East end of Molokai. Maui is to the left (near the sun) and Lanai is to the right. Just after the sun came up, I saw a whale jump out of the water past the reef, but wasn't able to get a photo. It was beautiful though. Be sure to check out the videos link for a couple of short sunrise videos.

Some random photos taken while driving around Maui for the day.

Some Random Videos Taken -- Watch out for the Wind in the Volume.