From January 4, 2006

SE end of Molokai



More Ocean


Hawaiian Research Customer Appreciation Luau

Large Waves off West End of Molokai

Sunset & Large Waves

Palaau State Park

West Molokai -- Fertile Desert meets Grassland

Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove Just Outside Kaunakakai, Molokai

NE End of Moloakai, Halawa Valley (Some far away shots of Moaula & Hipuapua Falls)

Random photos of the island Kauai (taken while driving) that don't show how much more beautiful Kauai is than Molokai. The poor quality photos were put up mostly to prove that I stepped foot on the island -- even if for under 5 hours.

Random photos of the island Oahu (mostly taken from the car) Oahu is the island that Honolulu is located. We spent much of the day touring the island between flights (flights off of Molokai and to mainland). Unfortunately, it was rainy much of the day -- but hey, it can't always be sunny in Hawaii!