Book Fair in Seoul


Book Fair in Seoul
Around the Book Fair, Restaurants, and Kyobo Book Store
Christians in Korea
Mega Church in Seoul

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Due to long exposure, some pictures show ghostly movement of people or camera shake. In some areas flash was forbidden.

Seoul International Book Fair, 1999

1 Urantia Foundation booth #165.
On the third day, President Dae Jung Kim, visited the book fair, but apparently he was totally impervious to midwayer's messages.
2 Visitors are flocking to our booth.
3 Kathy explains earnestly to visitors while others are examining the Korean translation of the UB.
4 Paula Thompson (Jesusonian Foundation) was a volunteer at the fair. Many Koreans were interested in talking to an American lady about the book.
5 Furniture were rearranged on the third day.
6 Trevor Swadling brought the displays from Australia.
7 A female college student peruses the book.
8 Robert Coenraads (Australia) was successful in exploring potential distriburitors (e.g., Je Young, the largest Christian book distributor in Korea, and another company that distributes books to college professors).
9 A visitor fills out a form to receive news from the Foundation.
10 Kathy Choi and a Korean lady who lives in Yenbyen, who represents a Chinese book distributor, next to our booth. Yenbyen is the region of China on the northern border of North Korea. Perhaps we could penetrate North Korea through distributors in Yenbyen in the future.
11 Area about our booth. During long exposure (3 seconds) a person walked too fast to be caught by the camera. Paula Thompson and Trevor Swadling are visible though.
12 Ji Young Kim, a graduate student at a Christian seminary. Last October Mr. Kim happened to visit Kyobo Book Store to pick up the UB. An angel must have directed him to go there! Richard Keeler and Kwan visited the same store and left a copy of the UB.
13 Eddy Choi. Not a reader, but he found a printer to print 100 copies (6 inch thick) of the Korean translation. He asked another person to read the UB and give him a summary. He is a (the?) Vice President of a company that exports (manufacturing) plants abroad.
14 Two Korean volunteers are manning the booth. Kathy talks to a visitor about the book.
15 Mr. Bong Je Cho, a volunteer.
16 Kathy explains to a curious visitor. He hemmed and hawed for half an hour, but in the end he bought a copy.
17 Robert Coenraads, a potential reader (who bought the book), and Ji Young Kim pausing for the purchase.
18 Trevor Swadling and Robert Coenraads lead a visitor into the booth.
19 Mr. Bong Je Cho hands out the brochure. The Foundation printed 8000 copies and we consumed all but the last few hundreds.
20 A visitor (maybe a pastor) is curiously examining the book. The draft copies are split into three volumes. Some buyers asked us to deliver or ship the books because of the weight.