Conference in Nashville

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Set #2
Set #3
1 Luiz Chagas (Brazil) 2 Gard Jameson 3 Alfonso Vasquez, Nigel, Ramon Ortiz (Colombia) 4 Algimantas Yokubenas (Lithuania) 5 Seppo Kanerva
6 Alfonso Vasquez, Beatriz Valerrama (Peru) 7 Alfonso and Nigel (Norway) 8 9 Betty and Ralph Zehr 10
11 Bill Page 12 Gard Jameson and Mo Siegel 13 Ramon Ortiz 14 Richard Keeler and Kathleen Swadling 15 Betty Zehr (President, USUA)
Kwan Choi, Mo Siegel, Dorothy Elders,?, Betty Zehr, ?, Cathy Jones, Richard Keeler
17 18 Steve Shinhal making a point 19 20
21 Cathy Jones and Richard Keeler 22 Eddie King, Steve Shinhal, Bryan Snowden 23 Cathy Jones 24 25 Bhagavan
26 Mike (Jeff) Busseli 27 Lori Krasny 28 Prentice and Krasny 29 ? and Connie Green 30 Lori Krasny and Nigel

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