Kathy's Corner

Ave Maria, Schubert (by Jason Stone)

Meeting with readers in Colorado

107K Richard Keeler and Georges Michelson-Dupont
135K Kwan Choi, Gard Jamison, Mo Siegel, and Tonia Baney
153K Richard Keeler, George Michelson-Dupont, Kwan Choi, and Mo Siegel
138K Phil Geiger, Kristen Maahera, and Eric(?)
91K Eric(?) and Larry Mullins
110K Colorado readers during recess
84K ? and Chris Halvorsen
88K Jennifer Siegel and Sioux Harvey
81K ? and Arlen Weimer
81K Time for Questions
117K Bryan Snowden, Seppo Kanerva, and Cathy Jones
89K Travis Binion and Trevor Swaddling
119K X generation also attended the meeting
74K Mei Lee, Paula Thompson's daughter
98K Gard Jamison expressing his rosy world view
173K Trevor Swadling, Seppo Kanerva, Kathy Choi, Jo Anne Nelson, and Cathy Jones. Obviously they did not mention politics.
107K Trevor and Kathleen Swadling
108K Jo Anne Nelson and Cathy Jones
90K John DeToy and Seppo Kanerva
126K Pat Goodson
111K Trevor Swadling, Travis Binion, and Les Tibbals
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