Information Sheet, Math 516

Spring 2005

Revised May 6, 2005


Gary M. Lieberman
office: 422 Carver
office hours: Monday, Wednesday 2:10-3:00; Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-10:50; Friday 9:00-9:50 Click here for modifications to this schedule.
telephone: 294-8136
More information: homepage

  • The textbook for this course is Real Analysis (third edition) by H. L. Royden.
  • The course will be graded based on homework, a midterm exam and the final exam. Homework is worth 250 points, the midterm is worth 100 points and the final is worth 150 points for a total of 500 points. Grades will be based on your total points. Approximate cut-offs are 90% (450 points) = A, 80% (400 points) = B, 70% (350 points) = C, 55% (265 points) = D. Adjustments to this scale (such as plus/minus grades) will be made at the instructor's discretion.  Final grades are available including letter grades. Because I calculated grades incorrectly before, the version up now is revised from the earlier one.
  • There is a syllabus at the bottom of this page.
  • Late homework assignments will be graded when I have time but there is no penalty for late homework.
  • Solutions to homework 1,  homework 2, homework 3, homework 4, homework 5, homework 6, homework 7, and homework 8 are now available.
  • Here is a link to a list of numbered theorems, etc., from class with the corresponding reference from the textbook.
  • The midterm is now available.
  • The final is now available.
  • As announced in class, homework should be done in TEX as soon as possible.  There is a LaTEX template for homework posted.


  • Syllabus for Math 516

    [Subject to change]

    Chapter Topics Dates
    10 Banach Spaces January 10-February 16
    9 Compact Spaces February 18-28
    11 Integration March 2-23
    12 Measure and Outer Measure March 25-April 8
      Fourier Analysis April 11-25
      to be announced April 27-29

    Homework assignments

    Due January 17     Chapter 10/ #7, 11, 12, 15, 17

    Click here for additional assignments.