Information Sheet, Math 655

Fall 2011

Revised December 9, 2011

Make-up lectures will be Wednesday, November 30 from 9 until 10 in 1026 Black Engineering.  (This may end up being 9 until 9:50.)

The final exam has been corrected.


Gary M. Lieberman
office: Carver 422
office hours: Monday 9:00-9:50 and 2:10-3:00; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00-9:50 Click here for modifications to this schedule.
telephone: 294-8136
More information: homepage

·  The textbook for this course is Partial Differential Equations (first or second edition) by Lawrence C. Evans.

·  The course will be graded based on homework and the final exam. Homework is worth 250 points and the final is worth 150 points for a total of 400 points. Grades will be based on your total points. Approximate cut-offs are 90% (360 points) = A, 80% (320 points) = B, 70% (280 points) = C, 55% (220 points) = D. Adjustments to this scale (such as plus/minus grades) will be made at the instructor's discretion.

·         The final exam will be in the regular class room with the date and time to be announced.

·         See the bottom of this page for further information on homework, including a link to the assignments.

·  There is a syllabus at the bottom of this page.

·  Late homework assignments will be graded when I have time but there is no penalty for late homework.

·Homework should be done in TeX, which is a mark-up language for creating typeset mathematics.  It will eventually be discussed in the seminar for first-year mathematics graduate students, but you can get a general idea of how it works by looking at the “Short Course” at

(Warning: this link gives a 183-page document.)  Although it is possible to create the source course for a TeX file in any word processor (just save it in ASCII format and give it an extension of .tex), it is convenient to use a dedicated word processing program for TeX (for example, Winedt for Windows, available at, and Texshop for Mac OS, available at which also connects directly to a Tex processing program (for example MikTex for Windows, available at, and LiveTex for Mac OS, available at  All these programs are free (although Winedt will nag you to buy the program) and I use them.  If you have any questions about TeX, ask me.  I have included a template for homework solutions which has some important formatting included. To see how TeX works briefly, here are the TeX file and the processed PDF file for a homework solution from my Math 519 course four years ago.  There will be a penalty for homework turned in after October 1 which is not done in TeX.

·  Here is a link to a list of numbered theorems, etc., from class.

·  Here is a link to the take-home final exam, now in corrected form.

Syllabus for Math 655

[Subject to change]

Chapter     Dates

1         August 23 – August 25
2         August 30 – September 15
3         September 20 – October 11
4         October 13 – 27
5         November 1 - 17
THANKSGIVING BREAK No class November 24-28

Final exam time: Tuesday, December 13, 12 noon to 2 pm
Other topics as time permits


Homework assignments

Click here for homework assignments.   The first assignment is listed by page numbers in the first edition.  If you have the second edition, let me know and bring your book to my office hour so I can give you the adjusted assignment.  I hope to have a copy of the second edition early next week.


Any homework handed in after September 13 must be typed up in LaTex.  Further details will be available soon.