Revised December 10, 2009


Information Sheet

  1. My office is 422 Carver, and the phone number there is 294-8136; I can also be reached via e-mail at E-mail is the easiest way to contact me. My office hours are 2-4 pm on Monday, 3-4 on Tuesday, and 10 am-12 non on Wednesday. If you can't make these office hours, either make an appointment or take your chances. I'm usually also in my office between 2 and 4 every day and I have another class (Math 266) Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:45 am. Click here for modifications to my regular office hours.
  2. Be sure to purchase all appropriate course material for the course from the bookstore. The textbook is Calculus (ninth edition) by Varberg, Purcell, and Rigdon.
  3. The course will be graded based on three in-class exams (September 15, October 30, and December 3) of 100 points each, one midterm exam (on Thursday, October 8, 8-9:30 pm, in Molecular Biology 1414) of 125 points, one final exam (time and place to be announced) of 150 points, and regular homework assignments worth 200 points total.  Grades will be based on your total points out of 775 possible points. Approximate cut-offs are 90% = A, 80% = B, 70% = C, 55% = D. Adjustments to this scale (such as plus/minus grades) will be made at the instructor's discretion.
  4. Homework grades are posted on MyMathLab; click here to see more information about MyMathLab. Course grades are posted on WebCT. If you have any questions about WebCT, ask in class or e-mail me.
  5. Practice exams and solutions will be available a few days before each exam. Here is a link to old Math 166 midterms and final exams. Our midterm and final exam will be similar to the ones on the web and identical to the ones for Math 166. Here is practice exam #2. Here is practice exam #3.
  6. There is a syllabus at the bottom of this page. The final exam will specifically ask questions only on the second half of the course, but you may need course material from the first half of the course to answer a question completely.
  7. Homework assignments are on the web at MyMathLab. Note that you can turn in homework several times and only the most recent score will be recorded.
  8. Make-up exams are available only in cases of emergency. If you know ahead of time that you will miss an exam, see me to schedule a make-up. At the bottom of this webpage is a list of homework problems for the first three assignments. To get credit for them, you must turn them through MyMathLab, and the actual problems there may be somewhat different from the ones in the text. The reason for including them here is to give everyone a chance to work on problems even if there is a problem with MyMathLab.
  9. If you have a documented disability and anticipate needing accommodations in this course, please make arrangements to meet with me soon. Please request that a Disability Resources staff send a SAAR form verifying your disability and specifying the accommodation you will need.
  10. The Putnam Competition is December 5. See the official competition website for general information and the departmental signup form for information on how to sign up.

Syllabus for Math 166H (revised)

Chapter Dates
5 August 24 September 11

Review September 15

EXAM September 17 (over Chapter 5)
7 September 18- October 6

Review October 8 (regular class time)

MIDTERM EXAM October 8 (8-9:30 pm; over Chapters 5 and 7)

No class October 9
8 October 12 20

9 October 20-November 30

Review October 29

EXAM October 30 (over Chapter 8)
THANKSGIVING BREAK (no class November 23-27)

REVIEW December 1

EXAM December 3 (over Chapter 9)

10 December 4-11

FINAL EXAM December 16 (12-2pm in 1352 Gilman)


First three homework assignments (due September 4)


Assignment #1: Section 5.1, #7, 11, 26, 31

Assignment #2: Section 5.2, #4, 9, 21, 25, 32

Assignment #3: Section 5.3, #2, 6, 10 and Section 5.4, #5, 13, 23, 24, 30