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Hello, and welcome. We are the Ames Bombers, a dirty biker gang from Ames, Iowa. We were formed in the late summer of 1999 when Luke and Kipp both had acquired older, smaller Japanese motorcycles and had taken to riding them around town. Unlike normal biker gangs, we don't swill beer or do meth, but we still like to think that we're pretty bad-ass. This is the official Bombers page, so if you see any duplicates, mail me.. So I can thank them for giving a shit. Anyway, this page will have pictures, links, and other information that is useful to those wishing to be white trash bikers. If you are in the area, and are interested in becoming a member, mail me.

This man exhibits the perfect properties of a true Bomber:

  • Smoking hand-rolled cigarette while riding
  • Riding a cool Indian Motorcycle
  • Wearing leather trucker gloves
  • Big holes showing in the leg of his blue jeans
  • Gear shifter of bike is a lever by the gas tank
  • The picture just screams AWESOME!
  • Perfect Bomber...

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