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The Seed Pathology mailing list provides a forum for communication among people interested in seed pathology. Emails on questions or topics related to seed pathology are welcome along with information on meetings and publications.
The list is maintained and housed on the Iowa State University computer system at Ames, Iowa, USA.

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To receive list mail at the e-mail address from which you're sending your mail, simply send an e-mail message to with the words ‘subscribe seedpath’ (no quotation marks) in the body of the email. Commands entered on the subject line will not be processed. Majordomo is an automated system which allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe to mailing lists, and to retrieve files from list archives.

If you use a "signature block" at the end of your mail, Majordomo may mistakenly believe each line of your message is a command; you will then receive spurious error messages. To keep this from happening, either put a line starting with a hyphen ("-") before your signature, or put a line with just the word ‘end’ on it in the same place. This will stop the Majordomo software from processing your signature as bad commands.

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Reverse the process by sending an e-mail message to with the text ‘unsubscribe seedpath’ in the body of the message. Unsubscribing is automatic. To remove an address other than the one from which you are sending the request, give that address in the command:
unsubscribe seedpath

Other items: For HELP or if you want to send a message to the moderator (but not the list) send it to

For general information about the list, including these instructions, send a message to with the text ‘info seedpath’ (no quotation marks) in the body of the message.