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Office - Carver 445

Phone - (515) 294-0259

E-mail - leekm at iastate dot edu

Curriculum Vitae
(new and improved, as of 1/30/2015)

What's Happening in Spring 2015

I am teaching MATH 166 and MATH 415.
If you are in one of these classes, check out Blackboard for more info.

My office hours are as follows:
MF 1-2, TR 11-12, W 12

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Take my class. We'll have fun.
I've been teaching at Iowa State for two years now. Here are my most recent syllabi to give you an idea of what class with me is like:
Beyond teaching, I'm involved in a variety of other educational endeavours.

 Iowa 4-H Youth Conference 2014: Mathematical Card Magic


Presenting "Separation of Points, the Quotient Topology, and the Weak Topology" at BUGCAT 2011.
My research is primarily in analysis, but I'm quite fond of topology.

Currently, I am very interested in functions spaces. Specifically, studying preserver problems in such spaces.

Here is a list of my publications (
my Erdős number is 4):
Publication List
(as of 1/30/2015)

Recently, it dawned on me that I really did not know enough measure theory. I ended up writing about 100 pages on the subject, so I've decided to share it:
Measure Theory
(as of 3/21/2015)


Currently, I am a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University.

I am originally from Long Island, NY; in particular, I am from West Islip (pronouced ice-lip, not is-lip).

I attended Clarkson University, where I earned my B.S. in 2008, and my M.S. (2010) and Ph. D. (2012) under Dr. Aaron Luttman.

My non-mathematical interests include:

Midwest is Best.