Description of Graduate Student Requirements

Students earning graduate credit for the course participate in an additional one-hour weekly seminar during the middle portion of the semester. In the seminar, we explore key material relating to the theory and practice of landscape restoration, and integrating aspects of ecology and design in greater depth. Each student focuses on two additional readings, constructs a short paper relating to the readings and leads a seminar meeting among faculty and graduate students. All graduate students are required to attend all of the discussion meetings while undergraduates are invited to attend but not required to do so.

The article selected from a provided list determines the order of seminar responsibility. After reading the article, students find documentation of an applied example that illustrates key concepts, issues and/or themes that they wanted to present and discuss from the article. Examples include newspaper articles, magazine articles, web-based articles, or other similar forms of documentation. The required written paper summarizes the article and discusses how the article applies to the course. Papers are due one week prior to the scheduled seminar discussion and are distributed to all other graduate students for their review prior to the discussion. Students leading the one-hour discussion develop questions or pre-discussion assignments that prepare their peers for that particular discussion topic.