Text Box: The Game of Volleyball
Text Box: What are the rules? Text Box: What skills are needed? Text Box: What are the positions?
Text Box: My name is Lanae Broesder and my favorite sport to play is volleyball.   I played volleyball for 6 years, starting in 7th grade.  I played for two years in junior high and for four years in high school.  I also played AAU volleyball for 5 years which takes place in the spring.  When I started to play in junior high, everyone played all the positions.  When I got to high school, I was selected to be the setter.  Even though I was not talented enough to play on a college team I still enjoy to watch it every chance I get.
Text Box: Equipment needed to play the game:
•	Net (with posts)
•	Kneepads
•	Spandex (or shorts)
•	Tennis shoes
•	Tube socks
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Lanae Broesder

Last Updated:
June 28, 2011