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Skill Set:


Programming Languages C, C++, JAVA
Web Tech HTML, CSS, PHP, BootStrap, Word Press, JAVA Script, JSP, Spring MVC, HIBERNATE
Database Tech Oracle, MySQL
Computing Tech MATLAB, Python
Data Analysis R - Programming
Mobile Tech Android
Online Mock Test

It is a web Based Application using HTML and JSP pages at front end. The application sets the multiple choice tests with fixed time period that when submitted are automatically checked and result of student is saved against the student's login id. It provides separate login options for student and administrator. Administrator has options to view results and edit or add new questions. At the back end application uses Oracle Database.


It detects and alerts the leakage of gas using a 16 bit microcontroller on an ATMEGA 32A development board which alerts the user with an alarm and a text message sent to mobile. 

It replaces the existing datatypes in the code with other datatypes available and checks for the combination which takes the least time to run without modifying the output.

Uses Spring framework in JAVA to create an application which enables the employees of the bank to login using their id and password to create, modify or delete the accounts of their customer. The change is further authorized by the Manager before it takes effect.

Gas leakage detection
Web Application for Banks
Code Optimizer


Nucleus Software Inc.,

1 year as web developer in NUCLEUS SOFTWARE Inc., New Delhi, worked in a project to develop a module for loan management of General Motors Finance.

Regional Telecom Training Centre

2 month intern at Regional Telecom Training centre, Bhopal, worked with the operation of various types of switches and telephone exchanges.

SUN Certified JAVA      Associate