ALT Board Meeting

October 3, 2000, Rm. 25, NADC, 8:20 pm

ALT Board Meeting




Members Present:            Sharon Carter, Janell Eby, Wendy Hambly, Jody Mentele, Nancy Nelson, Chad Reinke

Members Absent:            Kevin Lake, Deb Owens,


Reinke announced that with Theresa Fisher’s resignation in March, Jody Mentele moved to Secretary.  When Amy Larwick, the Vice-President, resigned, Jody Mentele, moved to the position of Vice-President, leaving the secretary position open again.  Reinke asked Wendy Hambly to fill the position for the remainder of the 2000 ALT Board of Directors term. 


Reinke called the ALT Board of Directors meeting to order on Tuesday, October 3, 2000, at 8:20 a.m., at NADC, Room 25.  No minutes were available for the last meeting. 


Treasurer’s Report: Eby reported $85.19 in checking, $3160.08 in savings, and $25 in basic share.  Debits included $31.69, $17.45, and $64.59 for treats for the Tuesday Tech meetings; and $100 to Dr. Luskutoff, speaker from the Omaha Zoo, for gas.   Hambly motioned that the report be accepted as submitted; Nelson seconded.  Motion carried.



Tuesday “Tech” niques- Reinke indicated that thank you’s needed to be sent to the speakers (Roger Spaete, Sam Reno, Dr. Betsy Bricker, Dr. Naida Luskutoff, Dr. Kathleen Mullin, and Jackie Jens) and Chuck Greiner for operating the slide projector.  Reinke thought the program was well received.



Discussion Concerning Dissolving ALT:  There was some discussion about dissolving ALT.  Two board members have resigned this year and there was not a quorum present for numerous other meetings.  Hambly felt is would be better for ALT to dissolve while it is still able to produce a decent symposium.  Although 5 speakers have been contacted for symposium 2001, no vendor registration letters have been sent.  There has not been a membership drive for at least 2 years.  For a number of years, it has been difficult to fill the ballot and retain elected board members.  When Hambly resigned as editor of the newsletter, no replacement was found.  Eby, Carter, and Nelson objected to dissolving ALT.  Carter and Nelson proposed making new displays for posting ALT minutes and announcements.  They will contact Deb Narwold, photographer, and Chris Rasmusson, historian. 

Eby volunteered to be editor of the newsletter.  Hambly will send the newsletter files to Eby and update the ALT brochure information and resize it to fit the new tri-fold paper.  Hambly moved and Eby seconded that approximately $40 be appropriated for materials for the Carter and Nelson to make new displays.  Motion carried.  Further discussion was tabled until the Nominations Committee has an opportunity to see if they can compile a ballot.


Nominations Committee:  As Vice-President, Mentele is chair.  Eby and Carter will be the other members.  The ballot needs to be finalized by October 31, 2000.  The committee also has to print ballots and stamp each one with the ALT stamp before mailing to members.  Reinke has the stamp.  Candidate information sheets also need to be completed and mailed with the ballots.  Mentele will e-mail notice to NADC and forward to Carter so she can e-mail to NVSL.  Reinke will e-mail Pioneer and ISU members.


ALT Website:  Reinke said he has been unable to contact Keith Bidne to request him to make some changes.  Hambly has his e-mail address and will contact him.


Symposium 2001:

Facilities- Hambly asked if we have a contact with Gateway.  Reinke said we did and it included a block of rooms that will be held until 3 weeks before the symposium.  She also requested the expenses for the last symposium.  Eby will send them to her.

Registration form-  Hambly said the lunch choices and registration cost need to be determined so she can begin working on the registration forms.  Two selections were made from the Gateway menu.  She will also need sponsors’ names.  (See vendor section)

Gifts- Mentele had difficulty with the order to Amsterdam.  Hambly will follow-up.  Mentele is to give Hambly the order information and order number.

Vendors – Hambly reported that vendor letters would be sent within the next week.  Mentele moved and Eby seconded that vendor tables charge be $100. Motion carried.

Speakers –Mentele is still waiting for a response from the Shedd Aquarium.  Reinke indicated that Sides of the Division of Criminal Investigation would need at least an hour.  Board members are to forward speaker information to Hambly.


Board Meeting Time:  Reinke requested a change in the meeting day and time.  To accommodate work and class schedules of board members, board meetings will be held at 11:30 on the first Thursday of the month.


Hambly moved to adjourn.  Mentele seconded.  The meeting adjourn at 9:45.


Next meeting:  November 2, 2000, NADC, room 25.