Dr. Frankie Laanan - image

Research Team

  Administrators and Faculty
  • Soko S. Starobin, Director and Assistant Professor
  • Frankie Santos Laanan, Founding Director and Professor
  • Larry Ebbers, University Professor
  • Janice N. Friedel, Associate Professor
  • Linda Serra Hagedorn, Professor and Associate Dean
  Affiliate Scholars
  • Latrice E. Eggleston, Chicago State University
  • Dimitra Jackson, Texas Tech University
  • Leaf Y. Zhang, University of Texas at Arlington
  Postdoctoral Research Associates
  • Mary Darrow, Iowa State University
  • Carlos Lopez, Iowa State University
  Undergraduate Research Associates
  • More information later
  Graphic Designer
  • Donna Le
School of Education
College of Human Sciences
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